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Selected recordings of the Mission San Buenaventura's Traditional Latin Mass Choir:
(left-click to play or right-click to download)
Ave Verum by Mozart
Come Holy Ghost
Hail Holy Queen
Hail True Victim
I'll Sing a Hymn to Mary
Jesu Rex Admirabilis by Palestrina
Kyrie by Byrd
O Queen of the Holy Rosary
O Salutarius Hostia
O Sanctissima
People Look East
Sicut Servus by Palestrina
Tantum Ergo
To Jesus Christ Our Soveriegn King

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Una Voce is an international lay organization of Roman Catholics faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and obedient to the authority of Pope Francis.  Una Voce Ventura is dedicated to maintaining the traditional Roman liturgy codified by Pope St. Pius V, known as the Tridentine or "Extraordinary" form of the Roman Rite, as one of the universally recognized and honored forms of Eucharistic celebration. We exist to serve families interested in living and nurturing traditional Catholic culture and the traditional Catholic liturgy that is its glory and foundation.